Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy Summer for Green Driveways with Ecogrid

Wow, what a busy summer!
And what did i Miss this morning???!

Was there a meniton of EcoGrid or something on CANADA AM today? hopefully! How exciting .. maybe it can be possible - getting rid of asphault and putting in GREEN! Its great if Canada AM mentioned our EcoGrid!

Alas, I slept through it if so.
Still.. tis the Busy Season starting now...

We've suddenly been swamped with calls from Ontario, people saying they heard about ECOGRID - or about permeable paving - and green driveways! I'm guessing it was green driveways - but really I also had 2 calls today from landscapers who were looking at erosion control. Well, its great to know our product is getting out there - getting found... and is going to be used to build some new green driveways around the GTA too.

This time - late August through Sept and October is probably one of the best times for people to put in a green driveway. The cool nights are just optimal for putting in grass.

I had to personally do two deliveries around the GTA last week - and had a fellow come and pick up some EcoGrid permeable paving at my Dad's house in Etobicoke. We had stashed a hundred or so square feet of the stuff - since dad was going to re-do the wet, muddy spot in the back yard. We're likely going to put in some gravel pathways too = Instead a guy really needed it ASAP - and picked it up.

I didn't realize how busy it was going to get for the last month plus - but likely, because of the rain we've been getting - there is a lot of interest in permeable paving here in Toronto - actually all throughout Ontario - for our EcoGrid. I don't know if that has been the primary reason or if it is just a general interest in people building green driveways?

One of the more intersting deliveries was to a fellow who is going to be putting in coloured gravel - a red gravel. He's so keen on installing it, we ended up talking about his plans for an hour. I can't wait to share some of the photos with you all. Not that I think anyone reads this blog.. lol.

This past month here in Ontario we've had some of the worst thunderstorms I've seen in a while - and lots and lots of rain. My father - who lives in Etobicoke - has always had problems with the back yard. Every spring we'd get a bit of flooding - and it would take about an hour or more to soak into the ground. In the spring - when there's ice and melt - it takes even longer. We've now got the solution and it really didn't take long to see the results. We put down a small layer of gravel, some soil and then the EcoGrid - and filled it in. Dad said that 2 wks ago when there were those massive thunderstorms and tornado warnings - he went out after and inspected it. He was incredibly happy to see - NO Water! lol. basically, for the first time that section of the back yard wasn't a muddy mess for 3-4 hrs. He did say it was a bit spongy - but not with that pool of water we used to get.